Standard 4- Professional Knowledge and Skills

AECT Standard 4 (Professional Knowledge and Skills): Candidates design, develop, implement, and evaluate technology-rich learning environments within a supportive community of practice.

Artifact 1: Reflections on Website Development

Journal Reflections
 Video Reflection

  1. Context Conditions- This website was created in the fall of 2019 as part of the course requirements for EDET 650 Internship in Educational Technology overseen by Dr. Erin Besser.
  2. Scope- The purpose for this assignment was to apply reflect upon the creation of an instructional design tool throughout my internship semester. It was completed in sections to report on current progress and major milestones.
  3. Role- For this project I was the designer and creator. I worked closely with stakeholders and subject matter experts to develop the final product.
  4. Instructional Design- This artifact was created as a portion of the evaluate component of the ADDIE model. Its purpose was to guide and assess my own learning so as to improve further practices.
  5. Related Performance Indicator(s)
    1. Collaborative Practice- The candidate worked closely with peers, subject matter experts and administrators throughout the process to design effective instruction.
    2. Leadership-The candidate took a guiding role in the development and creation of the tool and later oversaw its deployment.
    3. Reflection on Practice- The candidate displays many revisions of product and process based on feedback and date during construction
    4. Assessing/Evaluating- The candidate performed appropriate assessment of learners and environmental considerations and developed tools that would be used for assessing student performance and the effectiveness of the tool.
    5. Ethics- Candidate made use of licensed or open source materials and software throughout the use of the course. All materials were properly sourced and were referenced appropriately. Considerations for FERPA properly addressed
  6. Reflection- While creating my instruction and website during my internship I found it very helpful to stop and reflect upon my work. It provided me an opportunity to objectively assess myself and my product. It prompted me to consider if the processes I was using were working and if they could be improved. During this assignment there were several flaws that were identified and corrected before they became entrenched in the final design. While The end result of this process is not perfect, I feel like it was produced well.

Artifact 2: Impact of Differentiated Instruction in the Flipped Classroom

  1. Context Conditions- This research paper was created in the summer of 2019 as part of the course requirements of EDET 780- Research Seminar in Educational Technology, taught by Dr. Besser.
  2. Scope-This paper was created as a cumulative assignment created over the course of a semester.
  3. Role-During this project I worked with two of my peers, Kawanna Mckenzie and Tabatha Younts. For this project I assisted in locating sources and contributed to each of the sections, however my main contributions were to the methods sections.
  4. Instructional Design-This research would fall into the analysis step in the ADDIE model, as the goal was to research the use of differentiated instruction within the flipped classroom.
  5. Related Performance Indicator(s)
    1. Collaberative Practice- The candidate was able to successfully complete and present research in cooperation with peers.
    2. Leadership- The candidate selected a collaborative platform, structured work and helped guide peers efforts.
    3. Assessing/Evaluating- The candidate developed an experimental procedure including evaluation criteria to measure the effectiveness of instruction.
    4. Ethics- All sources were cited appropriately, all contributors were credited with their work.
  6. Reflection-This assignment was challenging to me in a variety of ways. First it pushed me to develop more research skills. This included finding, evaluating, and incorporating information. Second, it required me to work closely with peers over a long period of time on a significant project. The end result is a paper that I am satisfied with, although I would do it differently if completed again. I feel like the paper tries to go in too many places at once and that this was caused by a lack of communication among its contributors, myself included.